Project Governance & Delivery Leader

Catalyst and Creator of Change in Agile Business Process Engineering and Product Delivery; Specialist in framing Delivery, Governance, and Execution in the Context of Strategy 

A versatile, knowledgeable, and seasoned information technology project leader with +20 years of experience; a coder evolved into an entrepreneurial project and program manager. Areas of expertise include business process engineering and solution architecture communication, coaching, Scrum / Kanban, customer-focused sustainable delivery and globally distributed teams. 

Expertise includes: 


Software Delivery Lifecycle | Project Management | Product Management | Agile Priority-Driven Delivery | Macro & Political Economy | Global Delivery | Expert Communication | Entrepreneurship | Business Process Engineering | Blockchain | Ethereum PoS | Finance | Payments & Wallets | Cybersecurity  |  CIAM  |  Retail Banking  |  Telecommunications

(437) 329-3446